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Direction and philosophy

  1. We desire growth for it lays foundation for workers’ satisfaction. Ultimate goal to become a listed firm at public stock exchange enables us to capture market recognition leading to broader access to more end users than ever before.
  2. Value of hydraulic excavator is determined by superior attachment. As a manufacturer, we pursue additional value for hydraulic excavator by focused research and development. With this effort, we aim to lead the rest.
  3. Catching up wants and needs of the field in Japan and worldwide, we unveil new product and provide market with machines that perform. Solid market position as competitive manufacturer should be shared ideology by all members of Ueda.

CEO & Owner, Toshiharu UEDA

【Founder profile】

  • Born in Tatsuno-shi, Hyogo prefecture, Japan
  • Tertiary education completed at Kwansei Gakuin University. Graduated in 1969.
  • Career begun at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Akashi plant construction machinery division.
    With enrolment at Kwansei Gakuin University, career at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries discontinued.
    With graduation of the university, started career at Caterpillar-Mitsubishi’s Head office. Continued his career at
    West Japan office as sales personnel. Ended the career at Caterpillar in 1986 July and founded Ueda Industries.

General information

Name of firm Ueda Industries Co.,Ltd.
Head Office’s postal address Sawaragi-nishi 4-3-3, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0868
Phone number +81 72 638 5566
Established in July 1986
Value of Owner’s Equity JPY 10million
Number of employees 40 employees (yearly average, seasonal change in number of worker may occur)
Associated firm Ueda Rental Co.,Ltd.
List of frequestly Occurred Business
transaction partners
Catapilla Japan LLC and its associated companies, Komatsu Ltd. and its associated companies, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. and its associated companies, Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. and its associated companies, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. and its associated companies, Kato Works Co.,Ltd. and its associated companies, Kubota Corporation and its associated companies, Yanmar Holdings Co.,Ltd. and its associated companies,
Taisei Corporation, Sekisui House Ltd., Kajima Corporation, Toyo Construction Co.,Ltd., Yamazaki Construction Co.,Ltd., Itochu TC Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd., Shikoku-Kiki Co.,Ltd., Shikoku Kenpan Ltd., Kanamoto Co.,Ltd., Sasainakamura Co.,Ltd., Ryoki Co.,Ltd., Maeda Seisakusho Co.,Ltd., Daiichi toyo Co.,Ltd., Takitomi Co.,Ltd., Tajima Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd., Tonichi-Kosan Co.,Ltd., OK Lease Co.,Ltd., Tiger Lease Co.,Ltd., Toyosugiue Co.,Ltd., Matsuoka Kenki Co.,Ltd., Daiko-sangyo Co.,Ltd., Okumura Kikai Co.,Ltd., Kinan Co.,Ltd., Sokuto Co.,Ltd., Tokiwa Co.,Ltd., Yoshikawa Co.,Ltd., Haratetsu Corporation, Yamachu Co.,Ltd., Moritani & Co.,Ltd., SanyoJuki Co.,Ltd., Ueda Corporation, Yuasa Trading Co.,Ltd., Wakita Corporation, Hishihira Corporation, Aktio Corporation, Nikken Corporation, SRS Corporation, Nishio Rent All Co.,Ltd., Ibaju Co.,Ltd., Fuji Okayama Unpanki Co.,Ltd., ShigaKenki Co.,Ltd., Shinko Juki Co.,Ltd. etc.
Total sum of about 1,500 construction equipment dealer and rental companies.
Financial institutions for
daily transaction support
Resona Bank (Japan)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Japan)


List of sales offices

We support all over Japan.

Head Office

  • Phone:072-638-5566
  • FAX:072-638-5536
  • Address:4-3-3 Yoshinobu Nishizawa, Ibaraki City

Kanto Office

  • Mobile:090-3160-9956
  • FAX:03-6332-8233
    Address:Matsudo, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Yotsukaido Office

  • Mobile:080-8507-3133
  • Phone:043-312-1332
  • Address:Dainichi, Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture

Tohoku Office

  • Mobile:080-8332-6574
  • Phone:022-352-6305
  • E-mail : megumi_sugawara@uedaturb.co.jp
  • Address:Nakano, Miyagino-ku, Sendai

Fukuoka branch office

  • Mobile:090-3273-9960
  • Address:Enokida, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka Office

  • Mobile:090-1073-9782
  • PHONE:092-476-3021
  • Address:1-6-37 Higashinaka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Accones Higashinaka No. 3

Sales agent

Hokkaido General Agent Furugaki Construction Co., Ltd.

Ueda Industries’ past: track record & history.

July 1986 Toshiharu UEDA after building his carrier at Mitsubish Heavy Industris and Caterpillar Mitsubishi
founded Ueda Industries as private entity.
April 1987 With technical support by Kochi Ironworks (Yamaguchi prefecture), embarked sale of Kochi type
primitive stone block grabber/hanger Japan nation wide.
July 1988 Grown to Ueda Industries Co.,Ltd. a larger form of business entity with equity worth JPY 5million.
September 1991 Further financing into equity that has grown to worth JPY 10million. Rotary type stone block
grabber/hanger released. Relocated to Mino suburb, Osaka prefecture.
September 1993 Team of workers for international transaction formed. From US firm SILEX, turbo jack imported.
June 1995 Acquired Japan domestic market distributorship From Finland firm Dynaset.
With hydraulic power converter to electricity from Dynaset, embarked sales of ‘New magnet generator’
introducing unfamiliar product those days in Japan.
April 1997 Finalized contract with Advanced Construction Technology Center for developing large scale block
construction machine in a format of hydraulic excavator’s attachment.
Relocated to 4-3-3 Ibaraki town (current location). With enlarged capacity, factory production started.
October 1997 Ueda Industries’ own turbo jack product is completed and sales started.
Large scale stone block grabber/hanger released.
May 2000 Participated in New Environmental Exposition 2000 held at Tokyo Big Sight.
Designing and manufacturing attachment machinery to deal with industrial waste recycling gains
momentum and becomes priority of business.
Stone block grabber/hanger sales gradually shrunk its size of business.
November 2002 Bucket shredder attachment machine market debut.
Displayed at Westech held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture.
March 2003 Saw blade Alligator, wood chopper attachment machine market debut. Patent obtained.
February 2004 Ueda turbo jack, hydraulic powered vibration device obtained patent (Patent No.004834)
April 2005 Saw blade Alligator was awarded New product new technology Award sponsored by Resona Bank
foundation, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun journal publisher and Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry.
May 2008 Bucket crusher, concrete/rock breaker attachment machine acquired NETIS qualification.
NETIS (New Technology Information System) is evaluated and granted by Japan Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Detail: New technology acknowledged in recycling crusher attachment machine.
NETIS registered number: HK-080003-A Ueda Industries Co.,Ltd.
June 2008 Signed first stage research and development contract with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial
Technology Development Organization) in the field of new energy innovation venture entries.
Specific task is to develop attachment machine to handle chopped tree (bamboo included)’s disposal.
April 2009 Signed second stage research and development contract with NEDO.
December 2010 U-mat type A (24V electromagnet steel plate floor installer/steel plate collector) market debut.
January 2011 For Mechanical concrete crusher, NETIS granted.
July 2011 Bucket crusher awarded with 13th Land development technology prize.
March 2012 For Bucket shredder, patent granted (Patent No.4955933)
May 2012 Bucket crusher obtained patent in China (Patent No. ZL2008 80104313.4)
March 2013 Bucket shredder obtained patent (Patent No.4955933)
June 2013 For Bucket crusher, patent granted (Patent No.5300230)
March 2014 Bucket chipper obtained patent (Patent No.5497898)
April 2014 Eco saw blade Alligator, wood chopper attachment obtained patent (Patent No.5517295)
July 2014 Bucket crusher obtained EU patent. Validity coverage includes Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK etc.
(EU Patent No. 2198969)
October 2014 Participated in CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, USA.











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