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Privacy policy

At Ueda Industries Co.,Ltd.(from herein called ‘Ueda’), information identifiable of individual client (from herein called ‘private information’) is handled and protected according to the policy written below.

Purpose of collecting private information

At Ueda, we collect client’s private information in order to carry out needed work only in daily business transaction and for no other purpose.

Use and handling of private information

At Ueda, when needs arise, we handle private information of client in accordance with strict restraint set forth here in this Privacy policy with exception listed below.

・ When client agreed to intended use of private information.
・ After processing information in a way that makes it unidentifiable of individual client to whom it belongs.
・ When ordered by governing authority on the basis of law and regulations.

Regarding private information security

At Ueda, we pay utmost attention and effort all that is possible in our ability in order first, to maintain the information up to date. And second, to prevent the information from exposure to outside Ueda. Finally, to protect from being damaged and contaminated. We also block illicit and unauthorized access to private information.

Opening, correction and elimination of private information

At Ueda, when client him/herself requires to open his/her own private information, we immediately verify the content of asked information and reply to concerned client in accordance with our privacy policy. When correction or discard of private information is requested, we look closely into the given reason of request and follow up necessary procedure to verify if given request is likely or unlikely. And finally, execute requested action in a course what confirmed factor leads.

Complying law and regulation and keeping private policy updated

Ueda is abided by Japan’s law and regulation wherever it applies to protection of private information. Current privacy policy is reviewed on a regular basis and is kept updated when necessary and relevant circumstance demands.


【Person in charge of private information security】
Sawaragi-nishi 4-3-3, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0868
Ueda Industries Co.,Ltd. CEO Toshiharu UEDA
TEL : Ph: +81 72 638 5566











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